Why Is Private Label Manufacturing Better For Business Than OEM Companies?

Why Is Private Label Manufacturing Better For Business Than OEM Companies?


When you are a business, turning a profit by offering an in-demand service or product is the key to making money. Even manufacturers and distributors may make money by selling their own private label products.

The significance is that private label means putting your own name on the label. It creates a brand that provides a uniqueness that builds customer brand loyalty. With the changing buying climate out there, price competition, and distributor competition are the biggest concerns.

Distribution is in a fight for the few standouts that are left fighting for business. Dealing with specialty items being readily available at box stores and dealing with e-commerce puts companies in a tight space. Selling your brand minimizes price-shopping, and ensures makes re-orders a reality.

It is the basic idea that prevents all the downward pricing pressure from taking it with you. Instead of going down take a step in the right direction. Make your own brand to sell and run with it.

The idea of branding comes into play also. When branding your own product it is as much about selling the personality of it as the qualities of what need it fills. When your company produces the product or brands it then you get to decide its purpose, motto, etc.

Manufacturers often sell directly to end the users. For distributors, this poses a threat to their own lifeblood.

What products should you take to the marketplace with your brand on it? Stop and think back to what products were hard to keep in stock. Were they electronics or household goods? In addition, what moved the highest volume while carrying the lowest margins?

Products that are now commoditized take well to substitution. That is a great place to start. For instance, you know people will buy table salt. It might be a good place to start a private label.

Why Is Private Label Manufacturing Better For Business Than OEM Companies?

Check the needs in the marketplace. Labeling an existing brand is a good way to go as well. Though, it costs more to do a minimum run.  Sell a component of the best-selling item as an easy alternative. For instance, if there is a natural roll brush, brand your own counterpart comb to the best-selling item.

Manufacturers know the customer as well as the marketplace, which makes them a fabulous resource. Ask them for recommendations about products to private label. The other part of the manufacturer that may prove very useful is that they will also be able to advise your company on what not to brand.

The manufacturer needs to be the genuine manufacturer and not some reseller playing manufacturer. The quality is higher in these scenarios where the manufacturer is involved.

The minimum runs are now much lower than they were at one time. Most manufacturers prefer working with the higher volume customers. Some will only allow it for a short time period.

Distributors need to make the private label their own. It has a huge place with the above notes and tips in mind. For one, always take something that is commonly available and commoditized already. Putting a label on it is a way to break into the marketplace.

Why Is Private Label Manufacturing Better For Business Than OEM Companies?

While the changes in the marketplace in recent years have been fast and impactful, there are only solutions to make more money, no problems. The idea of taking a tough market for distributors and make an opportunity is fabulous.

Another aspect of the puzzle to decide what products to private label, is to recognize what people are already buying. From there, provide a counterpart product to the branded line. It does not compete but sells well alongside the main product. Another way that distributors  may make the game work for them is to look at ways to improve existing products. Those needs are already serving people, but now with added features that are not on the original product.

The competition for customers is striking now even more so. Making private label products means that pricing stability is built into the product. In addition, providing a well-known product in your own brand may only work for short periods  of time for licensing reasons. Otherwise, it is expensive to brand another popular item. Look at all the options and decide what will work for you.