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Understanding How Marijuana Treats Medical Conditions

The human body can benefit from the cannabinoid oil extracted from the marijuana plant thanks to its cannabinoid plant. Marijuana has been illegal for several decades, which is why a lot of individuals are not aware of the healing effects of cannabinoid oil and ignore the existence of the cannabinoid system in the human boy. Medical marijuana and CBD oil are two different treatment options and it is important to understand how they differ.
Marijuana refers to the leaves of the plant and is consumed by smoking. It contains THC, which has a psychotropic effect and makes patients feel high. THC can help relieve pain and increases appetite. Cancer patients can benefit from THC since they often lose their appetite and experience pain. CBD oil is different because it usually does not contain any THC and does not make patients feel high.

Studying Marijuana

The National Institute of Health does not support any kind of research on marijuana plants or CBD oil. The Federal government does not know much about these treatment options. Research has been progressing in other places.
A study conducted at Hebrew University looked at the different ways in which marijuana plants can help with healing. Students from the Hadassah Medical School studied CBD extract from marijuana flowers. It was found that the full-spectrum whole plant is an efficient treatment against inflammation and can help with reducing pain. Compared to CBD oil, marijuana flowers were found to have a more lasting effect and lead to better results. However, CBD oil is still a better option for patients who live in areas where marijuana flowers are not legal.

Over 80 Cannabinoids Studied

People are beginning to know more about marijuana and usually understand that plant leaves and CBD are two different things. However, a lot of people don’t realize that marijuana plants can have more than 80 different cannabinoids. Cannabinol, cannabichromene and cannabigerol are just a few of the substances found in marijuana plants.
Cannabinoids often work together by boosting each other’s properties. This is a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Let’s take the example of a patient who is taking a medication to help them lose weight. Medical marijuana will increase their appetite and CBD can be taken along with marijuana to help address mental health issues like OCD or bipolar disorder or help with ADD, depression, stress and anxiety. It is best to treat conditions like OCD, bipolar disorder and PSTD by relying on different cannabinoids that will work together. THC, CBD and CBG are often used in combination. Depression patients usually see an improvement when CBN, CBC, CBD, CBG and THC are combined.

Patients with conditions like seizures, Tourette’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Alzheimer’s tend to respond better to CBD. A lot of these patients experience pain and inflammation. Full-spectrum extracts are a good way to treat these problems.

Patients who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, convulsions and insomnia usually respond well to linalool. Myrcene can make THC more efficient besides acting as a sedative. There is a mechanism known as the blood-brain that protects the brain. Some medications cannot reach the brain because of this mechanism and myrcene helps with reducing this resistance which means medication can be delivered a lot faster and be more efficient. Myrcene is an antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well. Pinene is an another anti-inflammatory that can improve memory and help open airways, which makes it a good treatment option for asthmatics.

Studing Terpenes

Marijuana plants also contain terpenes. These substances work in combination with cannabinoids to help treat different conditions and usually have antioxidant properties. Terpenes can help with pain and inflammation, accelerate healing and help with insomnia. Terpenes are what cause marijuana plants to have their distinctive smell.
Humulene helps with pain and inflammation, has anti-bacterial properties and reduces appetite.
Limonene can boost mood, relieve stress and can also treat acid reflux.

These are just a few of the cannabidiol that can be found in a marijuana plant. These plants can be used to treat many different conditions and people are amazed to find out how efficient cannabinoids can be. Some patients have been able to replace expensive medications with side effects that didn’t work all the time with CBD oil or full-spectrum flowers and got much better results. You should talk with your healthcare provider about these treatment options and do more research to figure out which substances would help with your symptoms.