Profitable Business Through Minimum Purchase Of Private Label Supplements

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April 25, 2016
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April 27, 2016
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Profitable Business Through Minimum Purchase Of Private Label Supplements

Supplement Manufacturer and private labeling company Private Label Supplements- Vox Nutrition Inc. is a leader in the private label supplement industry. Our GMP certified manufacturing facilities produce thousands of new custom and stock products each year for distribution worldwide. Our facilities are all located in the United States so that you never have to worry what type of overseas quality you are receiving.

We specialize in new product development to your specifications and efficient turnaround times on all private label supplement and vitamin products. Our staffs of experienced industry professionals are excited to be able to help you with all of your needs from building a formulation to logo label design and even drop shipping for those with a need. We are proud of the quality and competitive pricing we have been able to bring to the industry as a whole and we do it with some of the fastest turnaround time. In house blends starting at 24-72 hours out the door and custom formulas at 2-3 weeks makes it easy for you to make the decision to move to our company in order to better serve your own. We believe in quality and efficiency because that is the most beneficial for your company and when you are successful we are successful.

Private Label Supplements- Vox Nutrition Inc. facilities are organized for producing and private labeling long and short runs in order to offer low minimums with high capacity. This allows us to private label as low as 24 bottles and efficiently handle a capacity of over 500k bottles a month. This structure allows both small and large companies to offer their own privately labeled products without having to purchase and invest larger quantities then is necessary. This also allows companies to stock lower quantities to ensure more turn around and fresher products for customers. Also keep in mind if there is a product or service you are in need of that you do not see offered on our website please feel free to contact us.

We spend significant time in new item improvement to your determinations and proficient turnaround times on all private mark supplement and vitamin items. Our staffs of encountered industry experts are electrified to have the capacity to help you with the greater part of your necessities from building a plan to logo mark outline and even drop transporting for those with a necessity. We are glad for the quality and aggressive estimating we have had the ability to carry to the industry in general and we do it with a percentage of the quickest turnaround time. In house mixes beginning at 24-72 hours out the entryway and custom recipes at 2-3 weeks makes it simple for you to make the choice to move to our organization so as to better serve your own particular. We have faith in quality and proficiency since that is the most advantageous for your organization and when you are fruitful we are efficacious.

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