Private Label Bottled Water Improves Advertising Effectiveness

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Private Label Bottled Water Improves Advertising Effectiveness

Private label bottled water is a powerful, effective advertising tool and private label bottled water is a cost effective way to promote a consumer brand. It is an important element of any effective consumer advertising effort.

Every business owner and manager knows that advertising is very expensive and it is often hard to determine how effective traditional advertising is.

Print advertising, for example is expensive for even one insertion and in order to provide an effective message about your brand a campaign of many repetitive insertions is often required. Radio and TV advertising also suffer from the same defects but are often even more expensive.

For consumer products and services, however, private label bottled water is a simple but effective advertising tool and creates powerful, word of mouth advertising.

Private label bottled water combines a high quality, custom advertising message with the popularity of bottled drinking water and serves as a consumable, portable bottled water that repeats the brand message over and over as users carry the bottle with them as they travel.

The important thing to remember with private label bottled water is that brand advertising is the goal the private label bottled water must emphasize quality. Quality in label design and production, quality in the form and appearance of the bottle and most importantly quality in the purity and taste of the water are critical elements.
A quality design combined with an attractive bottle and great tasting water will enforce a clear brand message but a low quality label and water will significantly detract from the brand image and message. It is always important to go with quality.

Almost any company that provides a consumer product or service can benefit significantly from private label bottled water. The financial industry, hospitality industry, law and accounting firms, moving companies, real estate agencies and medical clinics are large users of private label bottled water but small companies of many types also benefit from the effectiveness of a bottled water campaign.

There are many bottled water suppliers who produce private label bottled water but most do it as a sideline to another business and quality is low. Only a small number of quality suppliers exist and these high quality suppliers focus on providing bottle water advertising as a core business. As a result these suppliers are reliable and produce a quality product.

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