Private Label Articles – Making the Shoe Fit

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May 7, 2016
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Private Label Articles – Making the Shoe Fit

In spite the market boom experienced during the past couple of years, more than a handful of web publishers are still hesitant to use private label articles for their sites. These skeptics view private label articles as nothing but regurgitated text without realizing the benefits that private label articles bring to the web business world.

That is not to say that private label articles do not come without disadvantages. They do. Particularly if used as is or poorly rewritten, private label articles can cause enough headache that can leave you on the losing end. 

Two things seem to be of the utmost importance when rewriting private label articles

• Making Private Label Articles as unique as possible
• Tailoring private label contents to fit your website

The Perils of Un-Rewritten Private Label Articles

Duplicate Content Penalty. The most common dilemma with private label articles that have not been rewritten is the duplicate content penalties imposed by search engines. Search engines these days are working hard on making their duplicate content filters more stringent than ever, requiring private label articles rewriters to come up with more unique articles. Web search engines love new, unique, and fresh content which is why blogs often have better chances of popping up high in the search rankings than other legitimate websites.

Duplicate content penalties can be quite nasty. Top search engines do not only penalize your web page but your entire website – omitting it from their site index or giving it a low search ranking. 

The less, the better. For your private label articles to qualify as unique, you have to make sure that they contain no more than 30% of similar content to other sites. This is where the quality of rewriting and customizing comes in. While it is crucial that you buy good quality private label articles, high quality rewriting is just as important. 

Private label articles should always be rewritten before being published. If a PLR provider or group does not allow rewriting or editing, don’t even think about buying their product regardless of how new and unpublished they claim their articles to be. There are no long term benefits that can come from such private label articles.

Readers Hate Take 2s. Getting past search engine filters doesn’t mean you’ve won the battle. Getting your readers and site visitors attention is often another wall to climb. Particularly if you’re selling a product or service, you can’t expect you target audience to simply search your site alone. 

Buyers naturally explore several sites to see which offers the best prices and products and many of them find the time to read your web content to see what you’ve got. 

Poorly rewritten private label articles that are too similar to the one your site visitors just read can earn you a reputation for selling the same product as the other site. 

In the highly competitive business world, it is imperative that you appear as unique as possible with an edge over your competitors and appropriately rewritten private label articles can make your audience see your difference from the rest.

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