Cosmetics Business – Be A Cosmetics Manufacturer

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May 3, 2016
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Cosmetics Business – Be A Cosmetics Manufacturer

Starting a cosmetics business is a dream career – it’s prestigious, exciting and part of a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry.

Thankfully, and despite what you might hear to the contrary, you don’t need a big wallet to start your own cosmetics business.

Starting a cosmetics business is not expensive to set up compared with many other ventures which offer much lower profit margins. A cosmetics business offers much better returns for much less cost than any franchise or other kind of manufacturing business.

Cosmetics manufacturing is an extremely high profit business – cosmetics that sell for $75 usually cost between $1 and $3.50 to produce! Very few industries can offer this kind of return on investment.

There are many success stories of entrepreneurs who started out as home-based cosmetic makers on shoestring budgets and went on to establish some of the most popular and successful cosmetic manufacturing companies in the beauty business today.

Again contrary to popular belief, making cosmetics does not require a sophisticated or high cost laboratory. This is one of the common myths you will often hear about starting you own cosmetics business.

Fact is, you can begin a high profit cosmetics business with inexpensive equipment that is easy to obtain. Likewise, you don’t need to be a cosmetics chemist – this is another frequent misconception. If you purchase professionally formulated cosmetic recipes and the manufacturing instructions to make them accordingly, you can easily make color cosmetics, skin creams and hair products of the same quality as top name international cosmetics brands, if not better. You can do this without studying for several years in a college or university acquiring a chemical engineering or cosmetic chemistry degree.

You can make a full range of skincare and cosmetics – from day and night creams to anti-ageing and acne treatments and mineral makeup formulations. Or you can produce a small range of specialized sunscreens, baby care products or skin care for men. The possibilities are endless.

But to begin a successful and high profit cosmetics business it is essential to use only professionally formulated recipes – not home made formulations. Handcrafter’s cosmetic recipes may be suitable for your own personal use, but they should not be sold to retailers and consumers. 

To make profits of this calibre, it is vital that you own your skincare, haircare, makeup and toiletries formulations, so as to be able to exercise control over the cosmetic manufacturing process yourself.

If you pay a cosmetics laboratory to produce cosmetics for you, you will be paying much of the profit from your venture to the cosmetic manufacturing company – leaving much less for you.

By owning your cosmetic, skin and haircare formulations, you will be in control of your operation.You will be able to adjust ingredients whenever the needs arises and manufacture orders of any quantity without the restriction of minimum quantities imposed by laboratories.

By owning your cosmetics formulas you can even offer your services as a private label cosmetics manufacturer to other businesses, including hair, beauty and spa salons.

Making private label cosmetics is a rapidly growing, highly profitable industry which very few people have the opportunity join – primarily because they do not own their formulations and are relying on a laboratory to manufacture their cosmetic products for them.

Many hair, beauty and spa salons, plus drugstores and even supermarkets are increasingly becoming aware of the worth in selling their own brand of skin and hair care products, toiletries, body and bath products and the like, promoting their own logo on their own packaging, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

Starting your own cosmetics business allows you to manufacture cosmetics, skincare, haircare and toiletries for other retailers as a private label manufacturer. 

But you will probably gain the most success from wholesaling and retailing your own unique line of cosmetics.

Nothing beats being able to say: “I have my own cosmetics business.”

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