Baby Formula Manufacturers at Netherlands

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May 11, 2016
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Baby Formula Manufacturers at Netherlands

Infant formulas were basically designed for infants who were unfortunate not to get their mother’s milk. But they have evolved ever since, and at present, they are the preferred choice of many working and travelling women for feeding their babies. The scenario is no different in the Netherlands, which has a large consumer base for baby food.

Market for Baby Formula in the Netherlands

The market for infant food in the Netherlands is quite stagnant, thanks to the stable birth rates in the country. However, this has not stopped baby formula companies in Netherlands to give up. Rather, baby formula manufacturers at Netherlands are trying to encourage parents to opt for more segmented and convenient products, by stimulating demand with new and innovative products. Many manufacturers have intensified their marketing efforts to consolidate their market share and beat the competition. At present, there is a considerable demand for private label baby formula in the market, and many retailers are catering to the clientele well by offering baby products in the form of prepared meals and milk formulas made by different baby formula companies in the Netherlands.

Choose the Right Baby Food

Whether it is a private label baby formula or any popular baby food, choosing the right food for your baby should be done in accordance with your baby’s age and needs. baby formula manufacturers at Netherlands have come up with a wide variety of baby food that boast of different taste, texture, and consistency. With the amount of competition in the private label food industry, it is advisable that you consult your paediatrician to choose the right food for your baby.The following tips can help you to choose the right food for your baby:

• Since infants aged between 4 months and 1 year do not have teeth, they should be given food that’s in the form of semi-solid or liquid or is soft in texture.

• Once the baby has developed teeth, and is able to chew, soft pieces of food or lumps may be introduced.

• Cow milk formula is the most common type of baby formula, which is used all around the world, and you too can use it for your baby after consultation with your paediatrician.

• Babies with lactose intolerance should be given lactose-free formula.

• Soy formula can be chosen for babies with galactosemia and milk protein allergies.

• There are amino acid based formulas that are more expensive. These formulas have been proved to be safer on the baby and are less likely to cause any allergic reaction.

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